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Prestige Dance Center offers a variety of dance classes for all ages and levels.  Our goal in the classroom is to provide our dancers with quality dance training and education in a professional yet non-competitive environment. Directors and/or faculty members of PDC will evaluate each student and place them in the class level appropriate to his/her age, ability, and/or experience. Our classes are open to all registered PDC students and non registered students. See tuition info to read more about our drop-in rates and class card option. If a registered student would like to withdrawal from a class, a withdrawal form must be filled out and turned into the front desk. 


Styles offered include ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, acro/tumbling and modern

*NEW* Dance with Me (ages 18mo- 2 years old) A music and movement class designed for little movers 18mo - 2 years and a caregiver aimed to improve kids' coordination, balance and peer interaction, all with a parent's support!Little movers must be walking. 

*NEW* Creative Movement(ages 2-3) introduces dancers to fundamental positions and movements while focusing on coordination, motor skills and rhythm through song and dance activities.

Tiny Tumblers (ages 3-5)  students will concentrate on basic tumbling and acrobatic skills working on flexibility, balance, muscle strength, and overall fitness. 

Mini Bop Hip Hop(ages 3-5) is our 3-5 year old class for our beginning B-Boys and B-girls! A fun, entertaining class while learning basic hiphop movement and styles.

Pre Ballet/Tap(ages 3-5) is our 3.5-5 year old class for our beginning ballerinas. In this class they will learn the basic understanding of ballet technique as well as beginning tap steps and sounds. This class offers many ways to use creativity while learning counts, dance positions and movement.​

All Inclusive (ages 7+) Dance class designed for children with special needs. We feel like everyone should have to opportunity to dance and feel included!

Ballet(ages 6+) is the oldest and most noble form of dance — perhaps the most difficult, but the most beneficial for the body placement and the best foundation forany other dance form.


Jazz (ages 6+) dancing improves coordination, musicality, body discipline and awareness. It will challenge each dancer to create their own "style." Popular music is used for this high-energy class.

Tap (ages 6+)aids in creating and understanding rhythms while making music with your feet.

Hip hop(ages 6+) appeals to students because of the pop music used in class, as well as the isolation moves. Breakdancing is incorporated into this class.

Modern (ages 9+) An overview of modern dance techniques, styles and variations. Dancers will utilize the full body and incorporate the use of body imagery in floor work and combinations. 

Lyrical  dance utilizes the lyrics of the music to tell a story with movements including balance and control.​


Contemporary(ages 7+)  is rooted in the fundamentals of modern dance but is constantly evolving over the years to pull from every style of dance, giving the contemporary dancer limitless boundaries.  Contemporary dance can tell the audience a story, it can share a pedestrian moment or experience from real life, or It can even be technical.


Acro (ages 6+) Students will concentrate in tumbling, developing strength and flexibility.

Leaps & Turns  Students will concentrate on leaping and turning technique in this conditioning class.

B-Boyz Hiphop (ages 7+) An energetic hiphop class for "boys only" where they will learn basic b-boy moves such as freezes, break dancing & hiphop style of dance!