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2021-2022 TUITION


Tuition is based on the number of classes a student takes each week and is split into 9 equal payments due the first of each month. Prestige Dance Center gives the option of paying up front for the entire season. You will receive a 5% discount if you pay in full by September 20th. All payments are due by the 1st of the month Sept-May. If you do not make your payment by the 1st, your credit card on file will automatically be charged on the 1st. A late fee of $25.00 will be automatically added to your account if we have not received your payment after the 1st.  For any financial issues resulting in not being able to make payments on time, please notify us immediately to arrange a payment plan. There will be a service fee of $30 for a returned check. Students taking 5 or more classes per week will not be charged for more than 5 classes. Tuition allows for inclement weather and national holidays. There will be no refunds at PDC. If a student wishes to withdraw from a class, a withdrawal form must be turned into the front desk by the 15th or you are responsible for the next billing cycle.


Sibling Discount

There is a 10% discount per year for the second child in a family and a 20% discount for third. The fourth, fifth, sixth etc. sibling will dance for free.


Registration Fee

There is a $35 annual registration fee per family that will be added to your account once your registration is received. This will hold your child's spot in class and is non refundable. If you register after Jan. 1 your registration fee will be prorated to $17.50 


 10 Class Card option : $150.00

 For those that are busy with school functions, sports and/or other commitments but want to continue taking dance classes throughout the year. Take any 10 classes of your choice whenever it is convenient for you! 

2022-2023 Tuition 

Sept 12-June 3


# of Classes/Week        9 payments of:

   1                        $60.00

    2                       $117.00

    3                      $172.80

      4                        $226.80

      5+                      $277.80




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