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Pre-Professional Program

Prestige Dance Center has launched a Pre-Professional/Homeschool Program designed to train the student who strives to be a professional dancer.  This training takes place during the day and is separate from our evening Recreational and Competition Dance Training Program.

With focus in getting our dancer’s a quality ballet education (preparing those interested  in competing at YAGP), our pre-professional program will also allow our students to train and be prepared in other studies of dance such as modern,jazz, tap, contemporary and hip hop.

We will only be accepting 8 students (ages 12+) into our Pre-Professional program based on a private evaluation. Students will be accepted on a first come first serve basis and once our program has filled, we will not be accepting any more students for our first session, but you may be put on a waiting list.

Because this is a preparatory program for dancers wishing to pursue a professional career in dance, a strict dress code will be enforced for Ballet, Tap and Jazz.

Ballet,Tap,Jazz: Pink tights, black leo, hair secured in bun

Hip Hop, Contemporary,Modern: Less restricted clothing.   


Please contact our front desk for information regarding our schedule and pricing and to schedule your evaluation.

Telephone: 513-271-9400


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