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In the theater world, the 11 O’Clock Number is the most memorable and most captivating number of a musical. It is the “stand out” number that sticks out with the audience even after leaving the show. In days when musicals began at 8:30pm, this song would usually appear around 11:00pm, hence the 11 O’Clock Number!


Submit a program ad for your dancer wishing them luck, showing them love and letting them know how proud you are of them! Programs will be passed out to audience members free of charge before the show and are great keepsakes for years to come! We make it easy for you to submit an ad for your dancer. All you have to do is email us the photo(s) you'd like to use (please no more than 2) along with what you'd like your ad to say and our program designer will create a beautiful ad for your dancer! All ads will also be printed and displayed at the front of the theater for everyone to see as they arrive. We are also accepting business ads for our program this year that will be seen by over 400+ people! 

$30/ad due at the time of submission. Contact us with any questions

*Ad submissions due by April 26th, 2024

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